The world of non-fungible tokens is growing at an incredible rate. There are now hundreds of different NFTs available, each with its own unique characteristics. With so many options, it can be hard to know which wallet is the best for you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top NFT wallets of the year. From hardware wallets to software wallets, desktop to mobile versions, there’s an option for everyone.

What is An NFT Wallet?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, offer similar utility to those of cryptocurrency. Crypto wallets help exchange and securely store NFTs and digital assets. The private key is what allows you to authorize transactions securely and track your digital assets across devices. There are two types of NFT wallet accounts: custodial and non-custodial wallets.

Custodial Wallets:

Custodial wallets are NFT wallet services offered by centralized institutions like cryptocurrency exchanges. A custodial wallet has some benefits that come with it, such as less work on the user side when it comes to managing private keys. When a person outsources their wallet custody to an institution, they are completely outsourcing their private key along with it and trusting that institution to keep those private keys safe.

Users typically upload funds to custodial NFT wallets to use them on a platform. When they’re ready to withdraw those funds, they log in to the platform and use their username and password to input the public key of their destination address. The platform then interacts with the user’s private keys to complete the transaction. This is a simple solution for the user, but it also introduces extra risk.

Non-Custodial Wallets:

Non-custodial wallets do not require you to trust a third-party institution with your funds. This means that no institution would refuse to complete transactions. That said, there are some downsides to non-custodial NFT wallets; they aren’t as easy to use as custodial NFT wallets and they require one to take proper steps to use them. They’re not just a point-and-click system. In case you lose the private key, it is essentially lost forever. It’s a costly mistake if you forget your private key because then, your coins are lost. Users must develop a set of practices to help protect themselves and their private keys so they can maximize the benefits of non-custodial wallets.

10 Best NFT Wallets

Choosing an NFT wallet is a big decision. Anyone who has used cryptocurrency should take the time to do proper research. Dive into what wallet may best suit your needs below.


MetaMask is an undeniably popular cryptocurrency wallet, and it can be installed as a browser extension to allow seamless access to NFTs and marketplaces. It also stores multiple addresses, so you can create one for each type of token you purchase.

There is a lot of talk in the blockchain community about what we call “ERC-20” tokens. These are tokens that are built on the Ethereum blockchain and are supported by the Ethereum Virtual Machine. MetaMask is not only a wallet to store these tokens but also an application to trade them on a decentralized exchange platform. Currently, it is the top NFT wallet and the most popular decentralized application with over 2 million installs.


MetaMask is the bridge that allows users to connect and interact with Ethereum-based applications. Whether using a compatible browser or the mobile browser, it’s a solid way to access and pay for products on decentralized applications without ever handing over your private key.

The dApp comes with a built-in swap feature that allows users to trade one cryptocurrency for another. The user can set a limit on the amount they would like to spend on gas fees to ensure their transactions are as smooth and fast as possible.

Supported Blockchains

MetaMask allows you to interact with Ethereum Blockchain right in your browser. It can be used in conjunction with any Ethereum-compatible network, such as Polymath, Aragon, or Optimism. MetaMask’s transactions are recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain and made public — which means that you can check your transaction history at any time.

Advantages and Disadvantages

MetaMask’s benefits far outweigh its drawbacks. MetaMask is the best way to use a web browser to manage your Ethereum assets — an easy interface for sending transactions, checking NFTs, and viewing on-chain information. With MetaMask, you can search the entire web for valuable DApps and make secure smart contracts on major platforms like Google Chrome and Brave.

MetaMask is a powerful browser extension that allows users to gather information about their blockchain assets — including loading Ethereum addresses and managing tokens easily.

It is very easy to transfer ERC-721 tokens from your storage wallet into this app and interact with the blockchain using it. Once you have installed MetaMask on your browser, you can access your cryptocurrency wallet or exchange ETH tokens within seconds!

The MetaMask platform is one of the most widely used and trusted Ethereum wallets today but because of its high reputation and popularity, it’s also a popular target for hackers hoping to trick users into installing fake copies of the application.


ZenGo is a secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet that supports DApps and crypto trading. It connects to the Ethereum blockchain and lets you take control of your crypto investments. With ZenGo, managing and trading your assets has never been easier — on the go or when you’re away from a computer. ZenGo is currently available for both Android and iOS devices.


Through the integration of WalletConnect, ZenGo provides a secure, instant, and convenient way for crypto enthusiasts to earn interest on their holdings — no matter the time or place.

From staking to lending, ZenGo is the crypto-savvy investor’s dream. It also features biometric security, 3FA authentication, and password management — a complete set of tools that give you total control of your digital assets.

Supported Blockchains

ZenGo supports multiple blockchains, including the following: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Tezos (XTZ), USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), Shiba Inu Token (SHIB), Polygon Network’s MATIC, Voyager, and Sandbox.

Advantages and Disadvantages

You don’t need passwords, seed phrases, or private keys with ZenGo. ZenGo is a hybrid crypto wallet that allows you to store various crypto coins and tokens on one platform. Easily download the app and connect it to your bank account — and you can start purchasing cryptocurrency in minutes. With a clean design and simple interface, it’s perfect for those new to the crypto world.

Although ZenGo is a transparent, secure blockchain-based keyless recovery solution, it is, in fact, not fully non-custodial. If you enable iCloud or Google Drive backups on your ZenGo keyless recovery seed, the data will be stored on these third-party servers that are owned by Apple and Google respectively.

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is best known for its role in assisting users in exchanging cryptocurrency but due to the huge growth in NFTs, they’ve expanded its services and can now store NFTs and other tokens. They provide a safe, seamless interface that allows you to interact with your tokenized assets.

Giving you full control of your crypto assets, they can be connected to your Coinbase account and can easily be used alongside your regular e-commerce accounts. The wallet’s generous features have made it one of the most popular NFT wallets available on the market currently, alongside Metamask.


The Coinbase NFT Wallet supports all networks from the top 20 according to market cap. The app is available for Android and iOS, and it allows users to view their NFT collection across multiple supported networks such as Arbitrum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Optimism.

While other mobile wallets allow you to view your NFT collection, none come close to the ease of use of the Coinbase Wallet.

Supported Blockchains

Coinbase Wallet supports all ERC-20 tokens and can be used to trade them on the Ethereum Blockchain. At this point, only ERC-20 tokens can be used for crypto-to-crypto conversions.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Coinbase Wallet has been receiving rave reviews for its simple, clean interface. You can choose to connect it directly to your Coinbase account or just use it as a standalone Ethereum wallet that’s only accessed through your browser. Moreover, the wallet is remarkably easy to export and back up — allowing you to save your private keys and seed phrase.

The biggest challenge for Coinbase Wallet is the fact that it only supports Ethereum-based NFT tokens.


AlphaWallet has one purpose: to make it easy for users to invest in Ethereum tokens. Whether you’re new to the industry or an NFT guru, AlphaWallet is an intuitive site to use. It supports a wide variety of NFTs and allows you to browse through a marketplace. With its support for NFTs, it offers a wide variety of services and products.


AlphaWallet is a standalone interface that allows support for any token that is subject to a smart contract. As an open-source project, it’s extremely adaptable and can interface with multiple smart contracts without any issues.

Although the AlphaWallet is simple to use, it’s targeted at advanced users — and for good reason. The wallet has a plethora of advanced features that experts can fully utilize. The wallet’s inbuilt Web3 browser allows direct access to dApps and other resources, like games and markets. The wallet also features a wide range of open-source tools.

AlphaWallet has a 12-word security key to help you store your cryptocurrency. No one but you can access your funds with this code, as it’s written on a piece of paper and stored away safely — so no worries about losing your private key! AlphaWallet also lists all ERC20 tokens that are TokenScript-enabled. You can be almost certain that these are verified tokens since they’ve been rated by the AlphaWallet community.

Supported Blockchains

AlphaWallet offers native support for Ethereum-based NFTs.  NFTs are blockchain tokens that can represent and be used as digital assets in video games, cryptocurrency, or even artwork. Since tokens aren’t tied to one particular platform and don’t depend on centralized servers, they let users create their digital assets in a decentralized manner.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The AlphaWallet is making holding Ethereum-based NFTs and other digital tokens easier than ever. It’s a browser-based wallet that aims to make interacting with Ethereum apps a seamless experience. The platform also allows users to research more about featured dApps and interact with the community directly.

The AlphaWallet is making holding Ethereum-based NFTs, other digital collectibles, and ERC721 tokens easy than ever before.

A few of the downsides to the AlphaWallet is the wallet is currently only available on mobile devices and doesn’t support non-ETH NFTs.

Enjin Wallet

Enjin has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in the growing area of in-game NFTs, also known as ERC1155. Enjin’s wallet makes it easy for anyone to collect NFTs and other in-game items — giving users complete control over their digital assets and allowing them to play in a more social, fun, and rewarding environment.


Enjin offers a multi-currency wallet, which can hold and exchange tokens for different cryptocurrencies. It comes with a built-in Web3 browser, ERC20 token manager, and an encrypted file storage system — so your crypto data is secure, even if you lose your password or device.

Enjin has built its business from the ground up to combat fraud, protect you from scams, and ensure that all coins are well-managed. Their wallet also features a fee calculator so you can determine whether your transaction will be completed with a high or low fee.

Supported Blockchains

Enjin Wallet currently supports exclusively Ethereum-based Non-Fungible Tokens, but the team is planning to introduce support for more blockchains shortly.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Enjin’s multiple, game-changing features make it a contender for the top cryptocurrency of 2022. Enjin’s technology is simple to use and looks good — with the option to create your own custom domain and a marketplace that runs on blockchain technology. Also included are unlimited ERC-1155 tokens and a customer support portal, unlike other wallet providers.

Where Enjin Wallet lacks is in terms of its exclusive mobile accessibility. It features only Ethereum-based NFTs, delivering an interesting experience, but one that doesn’t offer much to users beyond its basic functions.

Enjin’s primary functional limitation is the fact that it is accessible primarily on a desktop computer.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet, one of the most trusted and secure wallets, is owned by Binance, one of the few exchanges that perform in-house development on a centralized cryptocurrency wallet.

The company’s app has over 5 million installs and is a highly rated digital asset management tool. However, only 1% of these users have crypto assets stored in their, wallets.


Trust Wallet is not a mobile application for trading or managing your cryptocurrency. You can’t use it to buy digital assets on an exchange. However, it does come with a handful of features that make managing crypto assets extremely simple. Even traders will come to love its ease of use. Binance’s involvement may make them inclined to cater to Smart Chain tokens.

Art, collectibles, and memorabilia are all part of the digital revolution. Between decentralized networks and blockchain technology, buyers can now transact with complete confidence — knowing that they’re buying from verified sellers.

Similar to the other top crypto wallets for NFTs, Trust Wallet offers a DApp browser. This makes it easy to access NFT applications with just a few clicks.

Supported Blockchains

The native integration has provided Binance Chain and Ethereum Classic with a wide range of functions. Binance Chain allows the exchange to implement many new features, including in-wallet trading and peer-to-peer transactions. This will be a huge advantage to the company as it encourages more and more individuals to trade cryptocurrencies on its platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Trust Wallet is a perfect wallet for storing your digital assets. It gives you access to three different blockchains, along with the ability to interact with decentralized applications and use a regular ERC-20 or ERC-721 token wallet. Touted as the world’s most popular Ethereum wallet.

Although Trust Wallet has great potential as your main cryptocurrency wallet, it is not well-suited for trading or token transfers. It is a low-friction solution for storing and managing your crypto assets, but it suffers from some key flaws.

Its limited support for smart contracts is disappointing and does not spur confidence in the platform. Meanwhile, other wallets have better features for traders and investors. Trust Wallet is also only available on mobile devices.

Math Wallet 

Math Wallet is touted by many critics as the most intuitive and functional non-fungible token (NFT) wallet for everyday use. Apart from the more than 65 public blockchains it supports, this multi-asset, universal wallet has a built-in mechanism that allows users to send an NFT to an Ethereum address without having to manually add one. Math Wallet helps you manage your crypto assets on multiple chains with ease.


Math Wallet is a true blockchain asset management solution — it’s not only a multi-currency crypto wallet but also a crypto exchange. With the ability to manage hundreds of different tokens and dozens of different cryptocurrency wallets, it’s the ideal choice for users who need a safe and secure place to store their digital assets.

The Wallet is a built-in DApp Browser that offers lots of features, including private key management services, asset management, and a bunch of other exclusive features. Users can use it to view nice things that NFT tokens have to offer as well as engage with the community in a more meaningful way. Additionally, users can also convert their assets into MATH — which is the utility token for Math Wallet services.

Supported Blockchains

MathWallet is the only multi-chain wallet that supports 65+ blockchains including BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Filecoina, and Solana. With a simple interface that can be accessed on any device and a secure login function, MathWallet is the best multi-chain wallet around.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Math Wallet’s popularity is spreading like wildfire as its users tell their friends and family about the wallet’s intuitive design and a wide array of features. The Math Wallet team has done an excellent job creating a product that satisfies the most pressing cryptocurrency-related needs of its users.

The multi-blockchain feature on the Math Wallet is one of the best assets it has to offer. Online shoppers don’t want to manage multiple wallets and logins, nor should they have to. With the native integration of numerous cryptocurrencies, users can swap and trade freely without needing an external exchange or wallet.

While the project is still growing, it has had a few minor issues here and there. A simple fix is to update the interface regularly.


Coinomi wallet is the best multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet. Its ease of use and multi-coin capabilities set it apart from others — and ensure that new users can experience the world of cryptocurrencies without frustration. It’s easy to use and offers a perfectly-thought out system for managing your coins.


Coinomi’s goal is to provide a simple, clean interface within which you can store and manage your cryptocurrency assets. The user-friendly interface boasts a wide range of supported coins, perfect for any beginner or an experienced trader.

Coinomi has SegWit support and provides 168 fiat currency representations that can be read in 25 languages. The built-in exchanges can help instantly exchange the supported assets.

Supported Blockchain

Coinomi is the world’s leading mobile wallet that supports 125+ cryptocurrencies. It bundles Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and many others in one place.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Coinomi is a secure wallet for NFTs. It provides a high level of security, even when compared to other hardware wallets. Coinomi also allows you to store multiple cryptocurrencies within one wallet — a feature that no other wallet comes close to matching. There is no commission fee on trades and the interface is very user-friendly, making it perfect for frequent NFT buyers and sellers.

The Coinnomi exchange platform is unregulated. While this means that users can rest easy in the knowledge that the exchange is secure without government interference, it also means that users have to keep a close eye on their personal information and handle their accounts carefully, as there are no legal protections in place.

While Coinnomi does not support fiat currency, to begin with, this fact doesn’t affect the overall quality of the platform.

Kukai Wallet

Kukai is a Tezos wallet that makes it easy to secure and access your digital assets and collectibles. With Kukai, you won’t need to worry about safety — all of your private keys are encrypted and stored on secure servers, so you’ll never have to worry about hacking. Aside from safety, the wallet also boasts a simple and user-friendly interface that lets you quickly check prices or send your favorite cryptocurrencies.


Kukai wallet, a highly secure hardware wallet, offers several features that make it the perfect storage option for investors and traders. The offline-signing feature makes sure that your tokens are safe, as private keys never leave your device and are not sent over the internet. You can also import existing wallets using encrypted seed words, Keystore files, or fundraiser credentials.

Supported Blockchains

Tezos established the FA2 standard for tokens on its blockchain — enabling Kukai users to hold and transact any token that follows this standard. To fund their wallets, users can purchase tez from several exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, KuCoin, Kraken, and many more.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Kukai wallet is a reliable solution for managing your cryptocurrency holdings. It’s based on three principles, and it’s compatible with multiple devices — you can use it whether you’re at home or on the go. It allows you to export your assets to different wallets and exchanges, and it lets you take advantage of the Tezos blockchain’s features while keeping your assets secure.

The main disadvantage with Kukai is in some cases, there might be some errors in displaying accounts.

Binance Chain Wallet

The Binance Chain Wallet is one of the best non-fungible token (NFT) wallets out there, working seamlessly with all major chains that have added NFT functionality. As a popular cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has high levels of liquidity, trading over $3 billion in daily volume.


The Binance Chain Wallet is more than just a simple wallet — it’s an entirely new design that allows users to transfer tokens from an exchange to a secure, centralized location, free of hackers or vulnerabilities. To ensure users can trade easily, the interface automatically transfers tokens back and forth between the Binance Chain Wallet and Binance DEX (Decentralized Exchange), enabling customers to easily access their assets and complete transactions.

The Binance Chain Wallet can’t be beaten by any other wallet, no matter which coin or token you want to use. It supports a bevy of different coins and has unmatched security — with features like 2FA and fingerprint login, it boasts best-of-class security features.

Supported Blockchains

The Binance Chain Wallet is a browser-extension wallet that supports assets from the Binance Smart Chain, Binance Chain, and Ethereum. The wallet allows users to easily access their blockchain assets from within a Binance interface. It also allows users to easily manage their NFTs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Binance Chain Wallet is one of the leading crypto wallets, supporting multiple coins and boasting a secure design. This multi-coin product provides unprecedented security for cryptocurrency in e-commerce transactions — giving you the power to access your funds whenever and wherever you need them.

The Binance Chain Wallet is one of the safest and most trusted names in the crypto world to date.

Although Binance Chain Wallet is one of the leading options for secure digital asset storage, it’s not ideal for beginners. Also, some users have run into problems with Binance Chain Wallet’s customer support — a problem that can be frustrating for users who aren’t as tech-savvy.

Choosing The Best NFT Wallet

After dissecting the10 best NFT wallets in 2022, it’s time to choose the wallet that is best for you. To do so, determine which one addresses a few essential needs.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a wallet is how secure it is — that’s why you should look into where your currency is stored before making a purchase. You also need to make sure that your wallet is compatible with different platforms because you never know which ones will be the most convenient over time!

An ideal wallet should be well-designed, easy to use, and have plenty of features. If a wallet’s user interface isn’t intuitive, it’ll be hard for new users to settle in.

One of the biggest challenges of crypto assets, especially for developers, is cross-chain compatibility. If you are looking to buy NFTs on different chains, you will need a wallet that supports the management of NFTs across multiple chains. This way, you can drive strong engagement, expanding your reach and providing your community with higher quality content.

When you are choosing a wallet, try to choose a wallet compatible with your needs. Depending on what you need from your wallet, there are different types of wallets for every occasion.

In Conclusion

In 2022, NFTs will only be more popular — which is great news for businesses. At this point, there are nearly 200,000 activated NFTs on the market. These numbers indicate that the technology is reaching critical mass and that the market is set to grow.

Several NFT wallets have been introduced recently. Apps like MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet are very popular among NFT community members — they’re a good start, but there’s always room for improvement. This is why so many projects have introduced their solutions: they want to take things to the next level and reach out to broader audiences.

All the NFT wallets listed here have pros that outweigh the cons. Take a look, do your research, and you will make an informed decision about how to secure your NFTs.

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