If you are ready to market your own NFTs, whether from a collection you’ve amassed or of your own creation, there are plenty of items to cross off on your checklist before you can successfully promote. There is plenty to learn, and with new updates, collections, and trends happening every day, it can be tough to stay on top of it all.

With the FLOLiO NFT Marketing Checklist, we can assist you in understanding the complex marketplace, the best platforms to work with, and tips on how you can get the most from your NFT marketing strategy.

The Basics in NFTs

The NFT marketplace can be a scary and confusing one. But, it can also be exciting and wonderful. One key to making the experience enjoyable (and even profitable) for you is having a solid grasp on the NFT space, and how it works.

Before you dive into marketing your NFTs, it is crucial to know just what it is you have in your possession, how they are created, and how they work. Understanding these facts can help you have a more solid marketing strategy.

Think of buying a car. Would you prefer to buy from the guy that can’t tell a steering wheel from a muffler? Or would you be more comfortable with a dealer who knows the ins and outs of the entire industry?

Having well-informed NFT collectors can boost the confidence of your buyer. No matter the best NFT advertising techniques you choose for you, being “in the know” will only add to your advantage.

What Is an NFT?

Chances are, if you are already at the stage of marketing your NFTs, you have some idea of what it is you are dealing with in today’s marketplace. In case you aren’t clear, the NFT stands for a non-fungible token.

These digital files stand in for other items. As a token, they can represent nearly anything. Some sites focus on tangible, “real” world objects like vehicles or parcels of real estate. However, in most cases, you will find that the NFT communities today tend to focus on digital art forms.

Being that it is nonfungible means that NFTs are irreplaceable. There is no equal. An NFT is a unique piece. There are no two NFTs that are the same.

Likewise, only one true owner can own a single NFT at a time. These ownerships are verifiable and proven through the technology behind the NFT.

Blockchain Technology

The technology that fuels the NFT industry is called the blockchain. The blockchain itself is often described as a distributed ledger. It is an ongoing record of the transactions of its item. In the case of an NFT, a blockchain would contain each and every transaction from the minting (or creation) of the NFT to its current owner and location.

This same technology is used in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. You can trace each coin’s owner from start to finish. The blockchain, which is a collection of data banks (blocks), chronologically strung together (chain), is immutable.

This tech is decentralized, meaning no central authority is charged with its oversight. Any “rules” of the blockchain are determined and agreed upon by its users. A peer-to-peer network of devices serves as the blockchain’s storage unit. Instead of massive, centralized servers, this data is distributed across the blockchain’s network and its users.

This creates, additionally, a transparent and self-governing model. The NFT business would not be possible at all without the blockchain.

The Typical Process of an NFT

An NFT, especially when in the form of digital art, comes in many shapes and sizes. Technically speaking, these files can be anything from a .jpg or .gif file to a full-length movie in .mp4 format or a brand new single from your favorite band as a .mp3.

No matter what the digital file type, this file can be uploaded to your chosen platform. This process, of creating an NFT, is called “minting.” NFT creators begin by selecting their chosen workspace. This will often determine the process required to mint, buy, sell, trade, or exchange NFTs.

From the costs of doing business to the style in which it can be done, these different spaces offer unique experiences. Depending on your unique goals, it is important to pick the space that makes the most sense for your NFT sales.

NFT Transactions

The NFT world relies on these marketplaces and exchanges for business. Many people collect NFTs for many reasons, and where they opt to do that business can fluctuate nearly as rapidly as the value of an NFT collection.

In order to make a transaction, the participants interact on an NFT platform. They agree upon a medium for the trade, such as which type of financing will be accepted. Most often, NFTs are purchased using cryptocurrency.

Your created NFTs (or those you have purchased from another NFT creator) will exist in your NFT wallet. The act of making a trade, sale, or exchange with another user will involve you connecting your wallet to your chosen NFT platform. You will take your saleable NFT and, once terms are agreed upon, make a transfer of ownership to the buyer’s wallet.

This act will cause an update in the blockchain. It will show that this particular NFT has moved from your ownership to that of the buyer. It sounds like a simple business, but the art of getting to this step, known as NFT marketing, can be a tad bit more difficult.

Let’s take a closer look at the NFT market itself to better understand how you can get a foot in the door and go from making digital assets to selling them!

The NFT Market

If you are hoping to sell NFT art, it is important you understand the basic building blocks of the NFT market itself. NFT and blockchain technology can be confusing, but once you have a solid grasp of the basics, you can make more informed and beneficial decisions for yourself.

Always Changing

As the NFT community will quickly teach you, the value of NFTs is constantly changing. So too is this entire NFT system, which is still in its infancy stages of development. From new NFT platforms to freshly created crypto forms, there is always something changing.

When you being to formulate your marketing strategies, you will quickly come to understand that knowledge of this space is crucial. From concepts like NFT trading volume to basics in economics, it is important to know all about the business you are about to enter.

It is nearly impossible to land on the best NFT advertising concepts if you aren’t sure where to do it, what you’re doing, or even what the space entails. Be sure to do your due diligence and be well informed before you start on a new NFT art marketplace.

Highly Volatile

No matter what your NFTs are or where you choose to do the business, one thing that is important to note from the get-go is that this is a highly volatile marketplace. The world of NFTs is one of the very high ups and very low lows.

An NFT collection trading for millions today could be worth pennies tomorrow. Sometimes with little rhyme or reason, there will be a swift change. There may be drastic changes in your digital asset and its present value, sometimes without warning.

The NFT business is one of constant change. Be prepared for this fluctuation. A digital artist can have massive talent and still have poorly marketed NFTs. Your NFT collection that took years to create might go for pennies, as you watch an upcoming NFT collection go for millions, even though it was made with an autogenerating app.

The difference in these NFT projects is largely in how they are marketed. Your unique marketing strategies will determine the success or failure of your NFT promotion and will constitute nearly all of your project’s future.

Use Caution

No matter how careful you are, no matter how well you plan your NFT project, no matter how much NFT promotion you do, there is additionally a chance that your digital artwork won’t take off. It is important to be realistic about your endeavor, no matter how you go about it.

NFT fans will tell you that this space is full of unexpected and inexplicable changes. Before using any NFT marketing channel, be sure you are not getting in over your head. Never invest more than you can comfortably lose.

NFT Marketing Strategy

While you may very well be a talented creator of NFT art, having a skill with NFT marketing strategy will far more likely weigh on your success. From the choice of NFT marketplaces to the manner in which you plug your NFT collections, many factors weigh in too on that process.

We will break down how you can market your unique NFT project. From creating an NFT community from scratch to trading or “flipping” existing popular collections for profit, one of the first steps in creating your marketing strategy should begin with a look in the mirror.

Unique NFT Experiences

One of the things that makes the NFT industry so exciting is that there is a completely unique, individualized, and different experience awaiting each and every NFT collector. Just like no two NFTs are the same, so too are there no two NFT marketing pros operating in the same exact way.

Everyone has a unique approach, and it is required because each NFT enthusiast has a unique goal. Whether you aim to make big bucks or hope to complete a full NFT collection, understanding your personal goals first will go a long way in helping you to determine how to market your pieces.

Understanding Your Motives and Goals

Before you determine your NFT marketing messages, it is ideal to start with a simple question. Ask yourself: Why do I want to market NFTs?

Chances are fairly high that the answer to that will be to make money. You more than likely aim to promote your NFT so you can make some income from its sale. To be clear, however, not every owner views the NFT as a digital asset.

Some NFT enthusiasts simply love the artistic work, hoping to help out a “starving artist” by making a purchase. Others collect NFTs as badges of honor, hoping to showcase their sets and brag about obtaining the white whale.

Digital assets are a huge part of the NFT marketplace, but it isn’t the only thing. Before you settle on your digital marketing strategy, understand why your prospective NFT buyers might be buying.

Their motives are just as important as yours for selling, and understanding why they want to buy can go a long way in helping you determine which marketing strategies are best for your needs.

The ‘Right’ Space for You

Collecting this baseline understanding of what you aim to accomplish, why your buyers would want to buy, and where is ideal to do this type of business are the important building blocks that you need to create your NFT roadmap.

By taking some time to plan ahead, you can jump into the NFT universe with confidence. The more you know, the better you will be fair in the world of NFT owners.

As we’ve previously stated, an important word in this process is “nonfungible.” Not only are you working in the NFT token that “coined” (pun totally intended) the phrase, but you are also just as unique and irreplaceable. In the business of NFT marketing strategies, the seller is unique, the works are unique, the buyers are unique, and so too are the NFT marketing strategies that go along with them.

What may be the right answer for you, may not be for your fellow trader. Because there are so many unique factors, how to market your NFT project can be just as specialized depending on your individual situation.

The NFT marketplace is full of fun and exciting, and almost always different and unique, projects. This means that the steps for you may vary from the steps for another. Don’t rely on what a single NFT marketing agency has to say. Your needs may be completely opposite of another.

In short, keep in mind that there is no “one size fits all” marketing strategy in the world of NFTs. Like most products, there are many ways to market an NFT. While this may feel like a daunting and scary process, having so many options is also a positive.

If at first, you don’t succeed, you can have confidence in knowing there are plenty of “fish in the sea.” If your NFT project does not perform as well as you’d hoped, shift gears and try another method.

Where to Market Your NFT Project

Now that you have some education under your belt, you are ready to dive into an NFT marketing strategy. One of the first questions to answer at this point is where you want to do this business.

In the event that it wasn’t clear, you literally have millions of choices at this stage in the game. There are NFT marketing channels all around you, and each has plenty of choices for selling your next NFT project. NFT art has many unique spaces, giving NFT artists plenty of choices for selling NFT collections.

Plenty of Options

The multitude of choices may have you spinning, but again, no matter which methods you choose, the positive is that you have options. You can always switch channels and try something new. NFT enthusiasts are all over the globe, and the varied and unique marketplaces truly offer something for every interest.

If you aren’t sure which sites may have the best tools for your NFT project, take advantage of some of these tools to narrow your search. But, don’t feel stuck in your choice. If an initial option is struggling, know you have choices out there!

Keep Your Goals in Mind

As we mentioned above, an important part of picking out your marketplace is understanding what you hope to get out of it. Why do you want to promote your NFT? Many NFT artists have a goal of showcasing their work. They want to make a name for themselves and become known for their works.

Emerging NFT artists have a different goal that says the quick flipper. If you are one watching for the next NFT drop, hoping to quickly buy low and sell high, you have needs that the long-term collector doesn’t.

The reason digital marketing works is by understanding what you hope to accomplish with your selling goals. Knowing why you want to promote your NFT can go a long way in helping you make the selection.

Some NFT collectibles have a very specific NFT niche or NFT communities in which to promote your NFT. Other NFT drops are for a broader audience, and applicable to the masses. These are not going to have the same “perfect” marketplace.

How and where you promote your NFT matter. Some of the best NFT advertising steps won’t work for your specified needs. Keep this in mind when making your choices. Promote your NFT in the space that makes the most sense for your specific needs.

For the One-Off Sale

Some sellers are not in the space to make art out of NFT collectibles. Some want to do “one and done” sales. Whether you just hope to flip for quick profits or enjoy selling unique pieces from different NFT collections, a one-off sale process can look a lot different than one hoping to get into digital marketing for the long haul.

The NFT marketplaces are welcoming even to the one-time seller. You don’t have to have NFT drop after NFT drops to compete successfully in the space. Even one single NFT drop can make a name for yourself in the NFT world.

One benefit of a one-off sale is that you can marketplace “hop” adjusting your sale to the sites and spaces that make the most sense at the time. Your Bored Ape might fetch a far better price on a major site like OpenSea, while your brand new NFT made by an artist not yet known in most NFT community circles has a better chance of being offered up to the niche NFT spots.

Selling Your Own NFT Projects

If the works you are aiming to sell are not in fact a resale of the one you’ve purchased, you again may have unique goals if selling your own NFT projects. If you’ve created the works, there is a chance you have a more emotional connection to them. In these instances, your best bet may be to seek the help of an NFT marketing agency.

Allowing a professional to step in and assist in NFT marketing strategy will alleviate the passion you likely have for your digital art. An experienced NFT marketing agency can also bring knowledge to the table, especially for a budding artist new to the space.

Marketing NFT Collections

If you aim to go solo on your venture to market your NFTs, creating an effective NFT marketing strategy is crucial. The marketplace is filled with NFT marketing campaign tips and tricks. To know which will work best for your needs, it is best to do thorough research on your choices.

Considerations When Marketing NFTs

So where do you start when aiming to market on your own? NFT creators all have different motivations, styles, and needs, making the answer to the question a tad bit more difficult. No two NFT drops are the same, and with so many variables present, there can be a number of considerations you will need to weigh before settling on the best spaces for you.

The Cost of Minting NFT Art

One of the first stages you can examine is the minting process of your potential marketplace. Some sites charge for digital artwork to be transformed into an NFT. Understanding that the process itself does require quite a bit of energy (those immutable blocks of data are protected by complex computations to keep them encrypted and safe), it makes sense that gas fees are frequently charged for doing so.

However, when and who pays such fees varies by platform. Some sites allow you to showcase an NFT and sell it before you actually have to mint it. By simply showing a thumbnail or preview, you can show unique NFT projects without actually having yet minted them into full existence.

This is an ideal process to save on the upfront costs of doing business. You don’t want to have to pay to mint 10,000 unique NFTs before you sell your first one, especially if you are new to the industry.

When weighing costs, also be aware that nearly any NFT marketing agencies you can choose from to help you in the process will also cost you funds upfront. NFT marketing services are not free. Be financially prepared if you hope to hang your NFT marketing strategy on one of the many NFT marketing agencies.

Quality and Quantity

Another important factor to weigh when formulating your marketing strategy is to consider the quality and quantity of your choices. Firstly, consider how many or how often you aim to be marketing NFTs. If you have thousands you want to promote, your needs will differ from those seeking to only market occasionally.

Additionally, the quality of the methods you choose will impact your outcomes greatly. The old adage “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. If you are shopping for an NFT marketing firm, the lowest cost might not be the best.

Like so many factors in this process, not two NFT marketing services are equal either, and you will want to invest in an experienced NFT marketing agency for the best use of your funds.

Upfront Costs

Whether you opt for influencer marketing, specialized NFT ad networks, or even paid social media ads, there are going to have costs. It is tough to market NFTs for nothing. It can be done and there are certain tools that don’t charge a seller at all.

However, some of the best options for your NFT collectibles may cost a pretty penny. Digital assets can bring you money, but the methods of digital marketing you select to get there can also cost you.

Professional Help

Did you know there was such a thing as NFT influencers? It may sound strange to you, but like most businesses, there’s an influencer for that.

From paid search engine optimization to soliciting NFT influencers to help you in your digital marketing goals, there are plenty of professions actually built around the NFT marketing game. Simply knowing you have professional options to support you in your venture can be a load off.

Tools for Promoting Your NFTs

As previously mentioned, there are both free and paid tools all over the Internet geared toward helping you to promote your NFTs. Let’s break down some of those specific tools and how they can help you make the most of your NFT marketing strategy.

SEO Focus

Content creation is a great way to focus your efforts of marketing. From the newest of investors to the old pros, users are constantly researching NFTs online. Search engine optimization can go a long way in making sure they land on your products when they conduct their research.

SEO content doesn’t have to cost you a thing. Creators are welcome to research keywords and promote their own NFT works in a way they think will fit the mold. Plenty of cost-free tools exist online to help you perfect your SEO game.

Of course, as with most options, there is also a sea of services that are aimed at the same, but cost you money. Depending on what you want to invest in your digital marketing venture, you can decide which tools are easiest for you to handle solo, and which you’d prefer some paid help with along the way.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing may not be the first thing that springs to mind in the NFT marketplace. While it is still a new and budding industry, there are in fact already “experts” or faces and names that the public trusts when it comes to NFT advice.

If you can find names that fit your goals, it may be best to promote your NFT projects with an influencer. Again, this will typically cost you money. Some, however, focus on budding artists or an upcoming NFT calendar so they can inform their readers and followers of the next best thing.

The use of NFT influencers can be a free tool, but others may charge. Be sure you are aware and clear about the terms of the individual person you aim to work with, as each NFT influencer’s contract may vary from another.

Occasionally, simply being featured on a blog or social media channel of one influencer can boost the eyes of your sale in a major way. The goal of this style of NFT promotion is to get the right eyes on the right product. Making this connection will make your sale. And let’s face it. Influencers have plenty of eyes on them.

Guest Contributions

In a similar vein, there are plenty of informative websites, blogs, and social media channels dedicated to discussing the new, hot thing. Search for sites that specialize in your specific NFTs. Many of them accept information or articles to their site.

These can be great opportunities to plug your NFT projects for free (or low cost). Again, if these are established sites, submitting information on your sale will bring more eyes to your cause. NFT promotion can be done on your own if you are confident in your writing abilities, or you can even hire promoters to help in the verbiage to plug your NFT collectibles.

Popular Marketplaces

Another strategy of selling is to hit the spots the most eyes already are. If you are new to the marketplace and select an obscure space in which to sell, you are going to have fewer eyes from the get-go.

While new sellers may be attracted to the lower costs, remember you are getting what you pay for in the long run. By showcasing your work on the most popular marketplaces, you automatically increase your odds of a sale. You have a better “location” and are going to be seen by more potential buyers simply by choosing a popular marketplace.

NFT investors are already trained to tune into these popular sites for NFT collectibles. Thankfully, you can sell your own NFT collections alongside some of the biggest names in the business.

Thanks to the promotional work of the platforms themselves, you will also have a built-in benefit for selling your NFT pieces, as they are doing international leg work for you, promoting the site.

Tools of the Trade

Even if you choose to go it alone in the search for the proper NFT marketplaces and marketing strategy, there are plenty of tools out there at your disposal. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful tools any NFT marketer should know about when aiming to sell.

Discord for NFT marketing

The NFT Discord community is a robust and colorful space of varied interests. If you aren’t familiar with this communication application, you need to get familiar. For those in the NFT universe, this app has plenty of folks chatting about NFTs each and every day.

Yet another opportunity for eyes, Discord can also serve as a great space to get advice and discuss options. Many boards remain posted, so you can go back and read what others have stated. From FAQs to tips from the pros, there are plenty of sources for information on Discord.

Another plus of this app is that there is no charge to have an account. Even if you only use it for research or chatting about your ideas, it is a wonderful sounding board and research tool for your NFT toolbox.

Social Media channels

Unless you’ve lived under a rock the last few decades, you are likely somewhat familiar with social media sites that dominate the online world. From paid advertisement space to unique pages that discuss NFT projects, there is plenty to find useful in the social media world to help you market NFTs.

Users can find plenty of information on market trends, new drops, an upcoming NFT calendar, or even advice and tips from the pros through social media. Additionally, for no cost, users can make pages to promote their collections across the globe.

Social media channels are an important tool for communicating everything from NFT release dates, to describing in detail unique NFT pieces. Additionally, you will find a space to discuss your ideas, run concepts by those in the know, and find your own community within the preexisting NFT circles already out there.

Like many tools, there are even paid options to seek professional help when using social media to market your NFTs. Plenty of pros have expertise in social media. And, while you may think you know the ins and outs of each of the social media platforms, a pro is more likely to be up-to-date on the latest trends and changes in the space.

NFT giveaway seekers often peruse sites like Twitter to hear what is happening next. Additionally, you can research NFT launchpads here, much like you can on Discord, by sampling from the popular opinions and experiences of others.

Email Marketing

If social media platforms seem like a daunting task, you may be able to purchase your way into interested buyers. Plenty of websites, including those social media platforms, will sell email lists to interested promoters. From the most credible names out there to the lesser known and likely shadier business practice models all sell our private information out on the world wide web.

If you aim to announce your NFT release to buyers, you want to focus your purchase on email lists containing names most relevant to your NFT launch (or release NFT collections date). From unique interest groups by topic to the appropriate age groups likely to buy your wares, search the demographics that your NFT drop will interest you most.

From there, you can make an educated purchase of those specified demographics, email them about your NFT art or NFT drop, and hit the most helpful eyes. The NFT marketplace has plenty of eyes, but reaching those “right” ones for your NFT market are key!

Affiliate Marketing Program

Often viewed as an affordable way to promote your NFTs, an AMP offers others to invest in your venture along with you. It is rather like selling “stocks” to begin a business. You are asking others to help you pay for promotion in exchange for a cut of the profits.

Typically AMP investors receive a percentage of sales after the sale is made. It helps those just starting out to be cost-effective, as it forces fewer funds out of your pocket up-front.


As we’ve mentioned, another great tool for your arsenal is to keep tuned into FLOLiO. From updated trends to a unique dashboard tailored to your specialized NFTs, there are plenty of tools right here.

You can even use FLOLiO to list your NFT for sale. It will appear on FMV and Rankings if you post through the FLOLiO site.

Making It an ‘Event’

Another marketing method is to make “an event” out of it. From introducing yourself as an artist to releasing your first NFTs, you can make a major event out of nearly any step of the NFT sales process.

By doing so, you are creating a reason for others to stop and look. An event is a big thing. It is something of interest. There are attractive reasons to stop by. From free giveaways to big names in attendance, there can be a lot of promotion in the creation of an event.

Live, In-Person Events

Depending on your location, you may have the option of hosting an actual, real-world event in person. While global pandemics have slowed the gathering of persons in actual venues, if you live in major cities or hubs well known for art and events, you may want to consider it.

By showing off your works in person, and even being present to mingle amongst your fans, you can create excitement for your pieces. It is amazing what a little wine and cheese can do to separate a buyer from his money!

Live, Online Events

Far more flexible as it can be hosted anywhere and include guests from anywhere in the virtual event. This type of event can still be a space for major fanfare, but offers an even greater chance for more eyes, as it can be open to the entire world.

Press Releases and Promotion

No matter what type of event you decide upon, it will be the promotion of that event that is key. You will want to target blockchain advertising networks and spaces that are dedicated to catching the right eyes for your promotion.

Creating a catchy press release can garner attention from bigger names and agencies. Plug your upcoming event on social media and Discord channels. Get the word out! You want as many people as possible to notice.

Previews of the happenings are most important, but there is also a benefit from getting live coverage or follow-up promotion of what did happen after the fact. Anyway, that gets your name and NFTs out there in the public eye is a plus.

NFT Giveaways for NFT Fans

Who doesn’t love something for nothing? Whether you do this at your scheduled event or make an event of it, another great way to get eyes on you is to give away some of your works. Announcing a contest, a drop alert, or a game that will allow users to win an NFT can be a great way to spark interest.

Sometimes the best way to bring in the biggest fans is to whet their taste buds with a free sample! The goal here is to hope they will always be coming back for more! The NFT community can be far more accepting when they are getting something for free.

Offer NFT Utility

Another option for getting your NFT calendar to stand out from the others is to offer a utility in your NFT. Instead of simply buying for the art of it, or more commonly for the financial value of it, some NFT buyers are excited by NFTs that serve a purpose.

NFTs in Gaming

Whether awarded an NFT for in-game accomplishments or using the actual NFTs to play the game, one of the best industries to use the NFT is the gaming one. Players love a good “badge of honor” to show their hard work. Consider making a collection based on game utility.

NFT ‘Prizes’

Alternatively, you can make even a short-term game of awarding an NFT. Having interested persons compete for the NFT will spark interest in and of itself. Such competitions can also create the “event” factor which allows you yet another way to promote your works.

NFTs as Profile Pics

If you haven’t heard of the PFP NFT, you really are new to the game. Many love the art of the NFT because they can use it as a profile pic on the many online platforms that require one. Since Twitter perfected the art of confirming authenticity, many online spaces are following suit.

Being able to brag about ownership by making it your PFP is a huge selling point for many a buyer. Consider this utility when creating your works. Famous collections like CyberPunks and Bored Apes have monopolized this space, creating for its owners quite a profit.

NFTs as Art

Don’t forget, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is certainly utility in creating art for art’s sake. One easy utility to consider is simply the beauty of an NFT.

One Tool for Your Marketing Strategy

Every toolbox should have one. It is a multipurpose tool. It does a little bit of everything. It is the Swiss Army knife of tools, with many solutions in one place.

For those seeking to market NFTs, there is one place you can’t live without. FLOLiO creates a “one-stop shop” for all things NFT. From marketing your own collections to find the right platforms for you, there is a plethora of information, helpful resources, and well-researched tips of the trade all under one virtual “roof.”

Visit our “Creators’ Hub” to find a dashboard made just for you. We know that the NFT industry can be a very unique and personal experience. No two collectors are the same. From varying goals to unmatched collections, each person with an NFT has an individualized adventure in the NFT space.

Stay Informed

If it wasn’t clear from the many updates, frequent changes, and constant fluctuation of the NFT marketplace, the key to understanding NFTs is to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape. Being informed is crucial, and an NFT marketer can miss out on wonderful opportunities if they aren’t paying close attention.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend countless hours to do so. With FLOLiO, your needs all come together on one site. Don’t waste hours researching the world wide web on your own. Take advantage of our information gathering and resources, free for use at your fingertips anytime.

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A Trusted Resource

Marketing strategy doesn’t come easy. No matter how experienced you may be in the industry, there is always something new, a changed algorithm, a different trend. Staying on top of those updates is what matters.

With all of the information out there, however, the web can also be a dangerous space. We all know too well how there are misinformed, poor intention, and disruptive sources out there. Thankfully, FLOLiO already has vetted its information and keeps it all up to date, no matter how frequently the market changes.

Don’t waste your valuable time digging through misinformation. You only need one site when it comes to a trusted resource, and you’re on it! Trust FLOLiO to bring you the very best!

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