If you are just starting out in the NFT game, someone has likely recommended that you check out Discord. As one of many spaces that can be a good place to tune into for tips, upcoming releases, and even just the latest “buzz” on the industry, it is a useful tool in your NFT collectors/investors’ arsenal.

However, if you are new to the Discord program, as well, you may need to learn some of the basics before this space can become useful for your needs. Let’s take a look at the features and purposes to get you started on Discord, and then learn how it can be helpful when you are searching for NFTs.

What Is Discord?

With a motto like “create space for everyone to find belonging,” the goal of Discord as an application is not tough to understand. At its core, Discord is designed to bring people together. Whether it is for basic communication, gaming with a friend, or finding upcoming NFT projects, there are plenty of ways it can be used.

Self-Described Gathering Space

On its own site, discord.com, you can download the app for free. There, you will find that the organization behind the product calls itself somewhere to hang out.

“It’s where your world hangs out,” describes its website. “Discord is a voice, video, and text communication service used by over 100 million people to hang out and talk with their friends and communities.”

Today’s statistics show over 150 million total users, with an average of 19 million being active each week. Discord also boasts over four billion minutes of conversations per day! That’s a lot of talks!

Many Uses

Discord has a variety of communities. Its various interest groups are as unique as the NFT projects you’re likely seeking to collect. To get started with the app, simply visit the homepage website at discord.com.

Choices From the Start

There, you will see you have options for even the very first step. Users can simply open Discord in the web browser in use. That way, no download is required.

However, if you wish, you can also download Discord for Windows. If you prefer a mobile device, there are also apps found for no charge in the Apple and Google Play stores, as well. Again, the download and use of the app are free.

No one should ever charge you for the use of the public space in general. If you are being asked for funds, it is likely a scam and should be avoided.

Private Spaces

Once you have the app loaded in the manner you prefer, you will have a chance to join rooms already “in progress” with conversation or begin some of your own. Private rooms can be established, much like a chat room in the days of the old, where only those invited may enter the space.

If your goal is something like speaking to a friend, one-on-one or bringing your team into the same chat for a video game session, this is likely the choice for you. Invite-only rooms will not show up for those not invited. And, to enter the conversation, one must have an invite.

Discord calls its spaces “servers,” where users can choose to operate the space which was formerly called “chat room” for example in products like AOL’s Instant Messenger.

Private Discord servers can also be established in order to sort your interests. If you only want to talk Call of Duty, you may designate one of the invite-only spaces for your COD friends. But, some days you want to talk NFTs, and for that, you may want to consult your trusted sources in a room designed just for that.

No matter your interest, Invite-Only servers can be created and controlled by the user that establishes the space.

Group Chats

Sometimes, there is a need for a Discord server to be open to all. Many of the sites you may want to peruse when searching or just starting out in the NFT space will be this type of server.

Discord servers can be sorted by hashtags (#), which when followed by a word or abbreviation such as NFT, can sort the interest groups by topic. From study groups for an upcoming exam to a video game team up to just connecting with friends and family, there are plenty of ways to participate in the many Discord servers.

How to Use Discord

Once you’ve had a chance to view some of the public servers, or even create some of your own, you will notice that Discord is a rather simple interface. Let’s start from the download to be sure all steps are clear and easy to understand.

Download the App

Again, you have a choice to download the app, but depending on your Internet connection, it may speed things up to download Discord directly. To do so, visit discord.com, and click on the white “Download for Windows” button. In doing so, you will see a “DiscordSetup.exe” file that is quickly downloaded to your computer.

Once it has downloaded, open the .exe file to allow it to run. You will likely see a few brief messages as it loads up, with a swirling icon. Next, updates to the newest version will occur automatically.

Create an Account

Upon the first time you open the now-installed application, you will see it asks you to create a log-on. A large QR code will display and, should you already have the mobile app on your device, you can scan this code to instantly connect your computer account with the mobile counterpart.

If you are new to Discord in general, you will want to click the “Register” blue word under the User Name and Password fields. You should see “New to Discord? Register” displayed, with Register in a link-colored blue.

In doing so, the next window should open showing a space to create an account. Discord will ask for your email address, a username to be displayed in-app, and a password for your creation. Fill in the required fields with the information you desire.

Next, you should see a box asking to confirm you are, in fact, a human being. Assuming this is true, we suggest you click the white box. This will direct you to the all-too-familiar Captcha test, requiring you to find traffic lights or motorcycles, or some other clearly only-human proof for you to create your new account.

Your Discord Dashboard

Congratulations! You are now a using member of the Discord community. You have your own log-in and private password for entry. It is likely upon first log-in, however, you will notice your personal dashboard is rather sparse.

Verify Your Email

You can begin to explore from here, however. At the very top message bar, you will likely see a green screen asking you to verify your chosen email. This is a smart step to do right off the bat so that you are able to continue hiccup-free in future log-ins to your account.

Simply log into your email, find the email from Discord, and click on “Verify” in the body of an email. This quick step will immediately open a window noting that you have been verified, and asking if you’d like to return to Discord.

How to ‘Explore Public Servers’

At the far left of your dashboard, you will see two green buttons. The top button, a green plus sign icon, will ask if you want to “Add Friends.” You may, the first few times you log into the app, also see an orange exclamation point icon denoting that you haven’t tried this out yet.

If you already have friends, it is great to add them at your leisure. This will be how you can see what friends are online at all times (and they can see when you are, as well).

However, if you are in the market to find out more about NFTs and NFT Discord servers, the button under this, which looks like a navigational compass, also in a green-colored icon, will be the button you seek. This button, when hovered over with the mouse, should display “Explore Public Servers.”

Click on this icon to get started on your journey.

A Sea of Public Servers

Once you’ve clicked your green compass icon, you can see that a new screen comes to life. Most predominantly on the page is the “Search” feature. Here, you can type nearly any interest and find “your people.”

Many of the most popular Public Servers will be brightly, and colorfully, displayed below your search bar, also centered on your page. You will also see at the left the menu has changed to topics, such as Music, Gaming, Entertainment, etc.

Depending on what you’d like to find first, this is where you will begin. To find the best NFT Discord servers, you may want to simply type that into the white search bar. If there are particular collections or a topic in the NFT world that you want to learn more about, this can also be accomplished from this screen.

In short, you want to connect with other community members in the public Discord server arena. This is where you can find other users, find an NFT community, and most importantly, the right NFT Discord community for you!

NFT Discord Servers

As it quickly becomes clear, there are billions of ways to interact with Discord. So many unique communities exist, and you could truly spend a lifetime sifting through them all. If your goal is to learn more about NFTs, we suggest a few steps to narrow that search.

Discord NFT Uses: Safety First

Before you dive too far into the use of Discord NFT purpose, it is wise to remember Discord allows any user to offer any speech whatsoever. There are not many “rules” when it comes to open, public servers.

Some may be moderated by owners or even Discord-appointed supervisors, but for the most part, you are about to enter a Wild West of personal interactions.

A Word of Warning: The Users

Not only should you remember that users with foul language, hateful behaviors, or those with plainly rude and obnoxious goals are afforded the same freedoms of speech you will be. Be prepared for a wide assortment of languages, knowledge, likes, dislikes, and behaviors.

Just like the Petrie dish that is the wonderful world wide web, there are plenty of unique users on Discord. Be prepared and use the same courtesy you would in the real world.

A Word of Warning: An NFT Discord Server

In addition to protecting your ears and preparing for strange personalities, it is also wise to remember that NFTs can be a financial decision for you. Depending on your goals, it is likely that real money will come into play.

Just as you might not want to take financial retirement planning advice from an Average Joe walking down the street, so too will you want to take all tips and advice on the Discord NFT servers with a grain of salt.

No one can tell you for sure what the future holds. Even those creating NFTs or “in the know” of new NFT projects, could potentially have dishonest goals in mind. From phishing scams to flat-out lies, there are plenty of evil-doers on Discord.

Use caution in this space, just as you would anywhere else in the world, in a real or virtual space. Remember that you are online, and you don’t know your fellow member. Before making major financial decisions, consult your own pocketbook. Never invest more than you can afford, and remember there are no guarantees in the NFT marketplace.

Finding NFT Projects by Server

Keeping the warnings of safety in mind, Discord servers offer a great place to gather information. Just remember, not everything you read online is true.

If your goal as a beginner in the NFT space is to learn about upcoming projects, you are in luck. Many public servers deal with just such topics.

With billions of NFTs out there, and more coming each and every day, it is not hard to imagine the multitude of servers dedicated to the topic on Discord. Some of the first servers that pop up in a search about NFTs will be those such as Chill Heaven, NFTs World, and Rarity Sniper. These are popular applications.

Here you will also see immediately how many users are presently online, as well as how many total users the server has. Under its name and colorful picture, you will also see a number of “tags” that the page chooses to use. Much like hashtag topics, there can be quite a variety here.

With so many options, it is tough to know where to go. And ultimately, this is a question you can answer with some concentration of your own.

Finding Your NFT Project

As a beginner, it is likely you will be seeking a new NFT project. To land on the right project for you, it is important to first consider what you seek in the NFT marketplace. By asking yourself a few starter questions, you can likely narrow down the endless search options in Discord and find the NFT Discord server for you.

Why Are You Searching for NFTs?

One great place to start is to consider your motivation for researching NFTs. Are you just curious about the industry? Do you aim to become a big NFT Wolf of Wall Street? Do you just enjoy the NFT art, and hope to collect it?

Depending on your purpose for collecting, you can likely narrow down some of your searching options right off the bat. There are millions of NFT Discord servers, and anyway, you can narrow down the preferences to fit your needs will help.

What Type of NFTs Interest You?

Another smart place to start when searching for an NFT project is to consider what types of NFTs pique your interest. Are you into professional sports, viewing NFTs as a chance to collect baseball card-like collections? Are you into new music from your favorite artists or musical genres? Are you seeking the best way to flip a profit with your NFT projects?

Again, depending on what you desire, you can narrow the search greatly. Even simplifying your search to musical NFTs (or those in a .mp3 or .mp4 format), you can sift through plenty of topics that are not going to fit your needs.

An NFT Community

In addition to your personal preferences, it is important to consider the type of NFT Discord server you hope to become a part of long-term. There is no commitment required here, and any Discord community can discuss NFTs. It doesn’t have to be a hashtag or designated NFT community to allow such discussion.

However, if you long to be a part of an interactive and communicative space, you will want to consider Discord servers that have robust NFT Discord server communities, and not just informational boards.

You will find plenty of both styles, but deciding what fits your interests best will help you reduce the search results once more. The more members there are, especially actively online, the more likely you are to find not only more solid information, but a communicative space of interactions.

If active NFT Discord communities are your desire, simply type that into your search. Narrow your results further by checking the membership numbers in each of the NFT Discord communities.

Thankfully, joining a Discord NFT server is something you can come and go from at any time. Becoming a member isn’t a lifetime commitment or decision. Find what you are comfortable with and an NFT Discord community that makes you personally feel comfortable. While we can, and will soon, recommend some of the top NFT Discord servers out there today, these things change. Today’s best NFT Discord community might be tomorrow’s desolate wasteland.

Likewise, as your needs and interests change, so too may your NFT Discord community sway. No one can decide on these personal preferences besides you. You know you best, and what interests you, makes you happy, meets your needs, and “fits” overall can only be determined by you!

Top NFT Discord Servers

We want to note again that, despite the plethora of choices out there, there can be a Discord community that fits you just right. Whether you aim to just research the NFT marketplace, or you hope to find a new “family” in the NFT Discord servers, finding the best NFT Discord server for you will vary from one user to the next.

That said, there are certainly well-established, majorly followed, and informative NFT Discord servers out there. With solid track records regarding the NFT marketplace, to just those that chit chat about the NFT world, you will find stability in those that have a solid online reputation.

Top Servers of 2022

While even this “title” varies depending on who you ask, there are some contenders that are not to be missed. From one source to the next, you will find consistency in these names.

Thus far, the top NFT Discord servers in 2022 include:

  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • Crypto Baristas
  • NFT
  • Dribblie
  • Meta Generation
  • Enter
  • Nouns
  • Decentraland
  • VeeFriends

You may notice, even as a beginner, that major names such as OpenSea have their very own OpenSea Discord server. These big brands offer a Discord community you can likely trust, as the name itself is well established in the NFT community already.

Though it is an industry still in its infancy, there are already some trusted brands that may offer the best NFT Discord space for you. These top servers have an established reputation that many users can verify and already trust.

Additionally, these are robust and busy spaces with many members, many conversations, an active community, and several subtopics, where group members may choose to further narrow interests and branch off into their own conversations.

Explore Your Heart’s Content

Now Discord can be an education, entertaining, and unique tool in your NFT arsenal. From the latest NFT news to space for simply making friends with similar interests, Discord servers are a varied and wild world. The unique NFT platform provides yet another space to discuss this new phenomenon and even upcoming NFT drops coming in the near future.

Additionally, the Discord app allows its users to make a name for themselves. Perhaps the highest quality Discord community is yet to be made because you are about to start your own! All the NFT enthusiasts are not yet on every Discord server, and big NFT projects will continue to be created as time marches on.

Stay Informed

The best advice one can offer in this growing community is to stay informed. With new servers, new NFTs, custom NFT projects, and of course new users (now that you are an NFT enthusiast yourself), there is always something new to discover.

Whether you aim to be a profitable NFT investor or you simply seek basic NFT data, Discord can offer you a great place to do just that and stay informed of the latest and greatest.

A Trusted Resource

In addition to the wide world of NFT Discord servers, those new to the NFT collector role will also find a trusted resource by following FLOLiO. Here, the virtual space users of tomorrow, as well as the NFT holders “of old” can gather to also communicate. While Discord groups allow for open dialogue, you can trust FLOLiO to have the latest in multiple NFT-related discussions.

Your NFT Collection

You now know of at least two good starting points to begin your NFT community adventure. There is plenty to see out there, so pace yourself and don’t lose your head (or your wallet) in your new hobby.

We wish you the best of luck!

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