Perhaps you’ve gathered yourself a few NFTs. Maybe you have a vast collection. For whatever your reasons, you may want to promote those NFTs. But what are the best ways to do that? To understand your options, and the pros and cons behind each, it is best to first understand why it is you want to promote your NFT collection.

From there, you can comprehend your own goals more clearly, and proceed to search for the very best option for the promotion of your NFT collections.

Let’s take a look at some of those options. But first, let’s discuss why one would promote an NFT in the first place. Understanding that motivation will likely help narrow your promotion method search rather quickly.

Why Use NFT Promotion

There are many reasons that users collect NFTs. The NFT industry is a varied and unique space. It is full of completely new and different digital assets. From fresh musical beats to colorful portraits, there is a seemingly endless supply of NFTs, each different from the other.

The reasons users collect are different from the users themselves. There are plenty of motivations for collecting NFTs. From those seeking to simply gather art they love, to those hoping to hit it rich with marketing strategies, there are plenty of reasons one may start an NFT collection.

Understanding your own motivation, not to mention how your NFTs might stand out, can help you to determine the best ways to promote your NFT collection. Additionally, the types of NFTs you collect will largely help you decide the right space to market them.

The NFT community is made up of amazingly unique NFT collectors, NFT fans, and NFT creator stars. There are plenty of ways to promote NFT collection across the industry. Let’s take a look at some of those options, based on the types, motivations, and audience for your particular NFT collection.

Your Own NFT Projects

If you are considering marketing your NFT collection to the wide, wonderful, and wild world of the NFT marketplace, it is important to first ask yourself a few questions.

Every collector’s NFTs are unique. That is what makes NFTs so fun. How your collection stands out can help you determine the best ways to market it, and to the appropriate audience. There is not much point in trying to promote your NBA Top Shot NFTs to the punk music-loving collector.

NFT marketing has as much to do with selecting your audience as it does determine your stand-out features.

Let’s take a closer look at the three main concepts important to have a grasp on before we continue looking for methods of promotion.

  1. How Does Your Collection Stand Out?

What makes your NFTs better than someone else’s? Why should I take a look at your NFT collectibles?

While you may have an affinity for the particular collection resting in your hands, it may not appeal to everyone. As it is often said in art, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Each NFT or new NFT project that drops into the NFT space does not appeal to each and every buyer.

If you are about to promote your NFT collection, it is crucial to know what exactly you have on hand. Some key questions to analyze your own NFTs include:

  • What genre of NFTs make up the collection?
  • What is their approximate value?
  • What is the scarcity/rarity of your collection?
  • What major platforms carry your NFTs/compatibility?

The list could, of course, go on and on, but the idea is to have a good knowledge base of your own NFTs before you head into promoting your NFT works.

  1. What Is Your Audience?

One of the fun facts about these digital art pieces known as non-fungible tokens is that there is something for everyone. From unique cartoon profile pictures to moving .mp4 graphics, there are plenty of types of NFTs and certainly plenty of interest groups behind each of them.

Is your group of NFTs more of an art collection filled with high-quality artworks? Do your NFTs appeal to new audiences, are fresh to the NFT industry, and possibly lower on investment cash?

Understanding your target audience is crucial before deciding how you will be promoting your NFT collections. Knowing the right platforms for the right audience can come easily, once you have narrowed down the specific NFT interest groups that are likely to find your NFT pieces worth buying.

In short, there is no point to promote NFTs to the wrong eyes. Focus on those that are likely to enjoy your collection most, and promote your NFT project toward those eyes. An NFT collection effectively appeals to a particular audience. Knowing who and what that is can go a long way in determining the best avenues for promotion.

  1. What Is Your Motivation?

Depending on the answer to this question, again one that is as unique as your NFTs, you can again narrow your search for the best way to promote your NFT collectibles. Are you in it to make a buck? Are you hoping to just get your art into the world? Are you a “flipper,” hoping to cash in at the right times?

All of these factors, determined by your own unique goals and motivations, will help you to decide the best way to go about NFT marketing. Those watching the volatile market waves, aspiring to strike when the iron is hot, are going to have to keep a much closer, up to second watch on the marketplace.

Those that hope to get a name for themselves in the artwork as an NFT artist might have a far different goal. These two unique NFT collectors are going to use different methods for NFT marketing.

No two NFTs are the same. By strict definition of the non-fungible tokens, this statement is true. If you aim to release NFT collections into the wild NFT world, do so in the best place for your unique circumstances.

The NFT market welcomes new and exciting NFT drops. There are plenty of collectors just waiting for the next greatest thing. Some make an entire NFT business of it, while others enjoy it as a recreational hobby. Whatever your motivation, there are NFT marketplaces for your works.

Peruse the NFT Market

Once you have a better grasp of your own NFT collections, it is wise to get a solid knowledge of the work and marketing strategies of others. Plenty of NFT projects are marketed each and every day in millions of different ways in tons of different locations.

A simple Google search of the NFT industry, and you will quickly learn some of the basic building blocks of the NFT community. Each NFT project is unique, so while it is always wise to learn from those that have come before you, only you can decide the best way to market your individual NFTs.

Most likely answers, as is typical in life, are not just black and white. There is not just one, perfect way to market. Instead, as life typically proves, the answer is far more often somewhere in “the grey,” meaning there is a combination and configuration that will benefit you most by taking a little bit from different marketing strategies.

As is commonly said, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” When it comes to the NFT Marketplace, learning from others is key. You can see plenty of options when it comes to NFT-promoting vehicles. Few will market an NFT project to just one space. Instead, it is best to sample from many different avenues.

Once you get a good idea of what the NFT marketplace already has to offer and other ways that artists have found success, you can determine which methods may work best for you. Additionally, after you’ve tried a few “baskets,” you can better determine the ways that work best for you. Many artists promote NFT collections in many ways. Learn from them first, and determine what has been successful for promoters in a similar situation as yourself.

Staying ‘In the Know’

While learning from other artists can be greatly beneficial, another important factor to take into consideration is the highly volatile nature of the NFT industry as a whole. Things are constantly on the move. This is a fast-paced and wild world of NFT art.

Stay on top of the frequent changes. One day, all eyes may be on a particular collection. The next day, they are somewhere else.

Staying informed of the constantly changing “mood” of the NFT marketplace is key to insuring you keep up with the latest trends and developments. While one method of marketing your collection is working well today, it does not mean that it forever shall be.

The NFT market welcomes new NFT drops each and every day. There is only one thing for sure in the NFT space: change is constant. Be prepared for the fluctuation.

Promotional Avenues of the NFT Industry

You’ve done your research. You have a firm grasp on what it is you hope to accomplish. You know your collection inside and out. You have researched the efforts of others. You are ready to promote your NFTs.

Our NFT guide to the promotion below can help you determine which combination of avenues may work best for you. Here are some of the top-performing methods currently in use for the promotion of NFT collections.

Discord for Your NFT Project

If you haven’t heard of or don’t yet have a free account on the Discord social media channel, you should. From chatting with your friends during co-op video game play to chatting over the latest gossip, this communication application has many uses for many users.

One such use is the many channels dedicated to the Blockchain Network and its many uses. Digital artists from around the world congregate here to talk about upcoming drops, unique NFT calendar events, or just to form NFT communities.

There are plenty of different NFT marketplaces discussions happening on Discord. Find “your people” and use this space to promote your own NFT collection. There are plenty of eager eyes and ears here awaiting the next big thing!

Twitter for Promotion

If you don’t have Discord, chances are you do have or have at least heard of Twitter. If your Twitter account needs a little dusting off, promoting your NFTs is the perfect chance to do just that.

Of all of the social media channels, Twitter happens to be a hot spot for those in the NFT world. NFT art is a hot topic of conversation, and of course as we will later discuss, the most comfortable home to incorporate the use of hashtags.

Many hop onto Twitter to announce, discuss, or promote an NFT project. Those that like to keep tabs on upcoming NFT drop announcements often tune into Tweets to do so.

Plenty of social media channels can be a great vehicle for promotion. Depending on the audience you hope to hit, the Twitter space can often be your best bet.

Reddit Chatter

With a quick online search using Google, you will see that plenty of posts discussing everything from the next NFT drop to a new hot, digital artist happen on Reddit. What doesn’t?

There is plenty of information available here for your own research, but this is another great avenue to opt for when promoting your own NFT collections. For one, Reddit has plenty of eyes on it each and every day.

While other platforms may be easier to consume, Reddit has plenty of space to discuss the blockchain industry, including NFTs. A well-known resource for those in the crypto world, it is a logical space to also include new information on NFT collections up for sale.

Your NFT Platform

Depending on the space you used to create (or “mint”) your NFT collection, you likely have methods of promoting it right there. Many creating platforms allow makers to also sell their wares without moving from that medium.

From creative animation studios to popular blockchains like the Ethereum Network or, you can find a lot of resources in the place you started. Check your preferred platforms to see what options they may have for artists.

A crypto project is often launched in its own unique platform, but NFTs don’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to sell and trade your pieces where- and whenever you’d like.

Instagram for Promotion

Another popular social media use for promotion is also Instagram. While Twitter tends to focus on the news of new launches, exciting releases, and up-and-coming artists, Instagram’s ability to showcase visual art is a plus for many.

The NFT artist can use the unique tools and posting capabilities, not to mention again those fancy hashtags, to hone in on the proper audiences. Known for its visually appealing works, Instagram has long been a home to those with an artistic eye, so it can be a great way to market NFTs that are especially pleasing to look at before purchasing.

The Art of the Hashtag

If you know much about search engine optimization or SEO marketing, you know the importance of the keyword. A brief dive into keyword research can provide you with plenty of benefits.

Not only can you hone your hashtags to bring in the right eyes, but you can reach others in your interest groups that can help you learn more about the space, the methods that have worked for others, and simply communicate with those with similar interests.

Hire an Influencer

If you work on Instagram much, or other popular social media channels, it is likely you are also familiar with the “influencer.” Influencer marketing often takes a well-followed or popular user, ideally of celebrity status, and advertising your pieces.

The concept largely involves the number of eyes (they have a lot of followers frequently viewing their posts) and the well-known desire of people to “fit in” or “be cool.” The online world is, for better or for worse, filled with those others aim to emulate.

Influencers can be paid or free, depending on your relationship with that individual, but either way, they can help you to get more eyes on your NFTs.

Paid Advertising

The paid promotion option isn’t for everyone. Some cringe at the thought. But many artists have found success with paid ads. From graphically designed, flashy ads in mediums such as Facebook or Google, to basic posting, and ads on the right message boards, you can effectively use paid spaces to reach your goal.

Paid advertising can include promoting your NFT calendar. Maybe you are better served with video marketing. No matter the format, hiring a knowledgeable firm or well-known and respected space to market your NFTs can make the world of difference.

Organic Marketing

Some NFT collectors rely on the old-fashioned, grass-roots methods of organic marketing. While this still involves, of course, a digital landscape it can be done in more organic ways than forced, paid ventures.

Some people simply plant “seeds” of discussion in different spaces. Some ask others to pass word-of-mouth excitement to gain more audience. Whatever your methods, there are ways, without paying through the nose, to get your name out on the World Wide Web.

Content Marketing

If you are familiar at all with keyword research, you also likely know that writing more about your pieces can get more buyers aware of your collection. Many creators rely on the art of content marketing to do just that.

By creating SEO-heavy content, articles researching the development, launch dates, or creation of, the motivation behind, goals of, etc. the NFT collection can pique interest. Likewise, much like the often-used hashtag, these keyword-focused, driven articles can bring eyes through simple searching.

Professional Help

Beyond influencer marketing, there are already professionals out there ready and willing to help you get the most from your NFT collection. Promoting NFTs can be done in a number of ways. Some pros are experts working in:

  • Writing a blog post or review of your NFT collection
  • Organizing and designing paid advertising campaigns
  • Creating video marketing promotions
  • Planning an NFT release or NFT drop event

Some of the best NFT drops happen with a colorful and loud event. An NFT launch, while a digital space, can still be a live, and even in-person event. Making your NFT release a “party” of sorts can provide a major opportunity to get your name out there.

Other pros rely on an NFT calendar or a slow-release style of piquing the interest of buyers. Others do the legwork for you, pounding away at social media platforms and doing the tedious business of promotion on your behalf.

Whatever the skills at hand, you can believe there is a pro already out there, ready at the helm, to assist you in your endeavor. Many pros will, of course, come at a cost. No one wants to work for free. Keep a key eye on the terms and conditions of your professional assistant, and don’t just eye the price tag.

As with most things in life, you will get what you pay for in the end. Be leery of hiring an inexperienced consultant. Ask for the pro to provide a proven track record, including work they’ve done in the past for other artists.

If you aim to get help to sell NFTs, just be sure you are clear on what you are buying. Consider building language into a contract about goals, facts, and figures.

An Ever-Changing Landscape

There is plenty happening each and every day in the NFT space. Whether you are a new, up-and-coming artist hoping to gain popularity in the market or a long-time collector of the rare and unusual, there is a space for you online to market your NFT collections.

You can buy, sell, trade, and exchange in a multitude of ways, and plenty of buyers are jumping on the bandwagon of this growingly popular medium. It is a hot time to become involved, as many more mainstream investors become involved each day.

There is, however, always change in the NFT landscape. It is crucial to stay on top of developing changes, new mediums, big names, and popular trends. The research workload alone can bog down creators or make frustration for even the seasoned pros.

The Future of NFT Promotion

No one can say for sure where the NFT market is headed, but one thing is for sure. There will always be change. From the highly volatile price changes to the overnight millionaires, there is always something happening in the wild world of NFTs.

Staying informed of the topics at large will help you get the best prices for your work, efficiently and effectively promote your collections, and ultimately help you reach your NFT goals.

Stay Informed

To be a knowledgeable trader in this market, you need to keep informed of the daily changes in the NFT landscape. There is always plenty happening day to day, from changing prices to new platforms.

With so much going on, at such a rapid pace, it is crucial to keep informed of the developments.

A Reliable Resource

Thankfully, this part of the quest is simple. By staying tuned into FLOLiO, you can count on well-researched and reliable content to keep you abreast of hot, new trends and exciting developments.

From useful resources to informative articles, there is plenty to find right here with FLOLiO to help you successfully promote your NFT collection!

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